Sunday, May 31, 2015

Back into Blogging!

Hey y’all!

Long time no see! I’ve obviously been off the blogging scene a while (aka since January), because sometimes life gets the best of us, and life has been crazy - grad apps, interviews, jobs, etc - but now it’s summer and I think I’m gonna get back into this whole blogging thing! I’ve also been following a bunch of people on Instagram and it has inspired me to incorporate Instagram into my regular blogging routine!

Here are a few of my new, less strict blogging goals:

1. A few Instagram reviews per week, which will be followed up more in depth by summary reviews on the blog.

2. Project Make-A-Dent: currently my goal is five empties a month, and I have several products in rotation each month that I’m going to try to at least make a dent or hit pan on. 

3. Life posts! What I’m reading, cooking, enjoying, etc.

This post is short, but you’ll be seeing more of me on Instagram, Twitter, and this blog soon!

Love y’all,

Julia :)

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