Friday, January 2, 2015

The Future, or What to Expect When You're Expecting New Posts!

Dear lovely readers,

I’ll be starting my actual make-up focused posts tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I’d type up a quick post about what you can expect from this blog!

The current plan is that I will post at minimum 3 times a week. While I would absolutely love to post something (or multiple somethings) every single day, the truth is that my schedule is extremely busy. I’m a full-time student taking graduate level coursework while also filling out graduate applications to other institutions, and I also have at least 3 part time jobs at any given time. Next week, I’m starting a new part-time job, one of the 3, which will be at least 20 hours a week and I’m not sure yet exactly how busy I’ll be with that. I say all this to let you know why I probably won’t always post every single day, although I would really like to.

However, I GUARANTEE that I will post at minimum 3 times a week. That’s 3 posts on different days (so you won’t just get nothing for 6 days and then 3 posts at once) at the very least, and I hope to post even more than that!  So don’t let that previous paragraph scare you; you will be seeing multiple posts a week from this blog to keep you entertained, guaranteed.

Keep reading to see the assortment of topics I’ll be pulling from for these 3+ posts each week!

  • Reviews of eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks, with the occasional mascara and eyeliner and foundation (etc.) review thrown in for good measure.
  • “What’s New?” posts about makeup releases I find exciting, along with new books or movies or music etc, that I find awesome enough to share with y’all.
  • Life Posts, where I use this blog to fill you in on what’s going on in my life, complete with photos of delicious food (I’m a little obsessed with making pasta dishes and desserts…) I know that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m hoping I can fill this blog with enough posts of other things that those who want to skip these non-make-up related posts won’t feel that there’s a lack of content that interests them each week.
  • Top Three posts, where I discuss my top three favorite items in various categories such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc. along with movies, books, TV shows, and more.
  • Monthly Hauls, where I show you what fun new make-up products (and maybe clothes and books and more) I’ve picked up over the month.
  • Monthly Empties, where I reveal what products I’ve used up over the month, what I thought of them, and whether I’ll replace them.
  • AND another type of post each month that I’m keeping a secret for now but will be revealing before the weekend is over in a big post! Stay tuned!

Obviously, I may add and take away these types of posts as the weeks pass, but I feel like this is a great starting plan. I’m also open to reader-suggestions, so feel free to put your ideas for posts in the comments below!

Additionally, while the layout of the blog may look a bit rough at the moment, I'm going to be refining and tweaking it as we go, so I promise it'll start looking cleaner. This is just the beginning, both for the look and the content! There's much to look forward to in the coming weeks!

 Stay tuned, lovely readers. I’m looking forward to blogging with you!


Julia :)

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